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tcworld conference 08.-10.11.2016

Beo, Heartsome and Acolada partner stand in hall 2 stand B04

Our address at the tcworld conference:
Booth 2/B04
CS Messe Stuttgar
Internationales Congresscenter Stuttgart
Messepiazza 1
D-70629 Stuttgart

This years motto is „Intelligent Information“. What does this actually mean? We think that information is intelligent when it can be perused and analysed in as many ways as possible. Thus, existing information needs to be exhausted to be intelligent.

Acolada´s contribution to making information intelligent

Reuse existing translations in Sirius CMS via incremental translation

In follow-up translations, Sirius CMS checks for changes since the last translation down to the element level. Sirius CMS earmarks such changes in a way that is readable by humans and machines. For all unchanged content Sirius CMS automatically inserts the existing translations.

Reuse existing IT definitions in Sirius CMS via single-sign-on

Single-sign-on means that administrators manage Sirius-CMS users in the company´s Active Directory. Thus, administrators needn´t maintain a second user database (=Sirius CMS´ own user database) any more. Sirius CMS accepts or deactivates users automatically according to the settings in the Active Directory.

Provide existing content via Content Delivery

Many offer HTML5 based output. Acolada´s HTML5-based Cobrili can also provide content in different languages and for different products or releases simultaneously. Users just choose which language, product or other property they want to see content for. So Cobrili is not just a HTML rendition of some manual, but makes available existing content as a product portal or elearning platform.

Make terminology available using Acolada´s new platform Velingua

Acolada´s customers know this: Using UniTerm, Acolada´s terminology database, they can maintain their existing terminology. But what about when there is no terminology yet, only a bunch of documents that “should be analysed for their terminology”? What about checking content against a terminology? Enter Velingua: Firstly, Velingua offers a tool for terminology checking, secondly a tool for finding term candidates out of common data formats (so called terminology extraction). To achieve this, Velingua uses linguistic and statistical algorithms. Because of this, terminology extraction also finds orthographic or grammatical variants. Velinguas tools can be integrated into third-party software.

Query UniLex terminologies and dictionaries from within translators software

Users of CAT tools that support web-lookup, e.g. SDL Studio or MemoQ, can query UniLex IDS. A translator just selects words to look up in his CAT tool and looks up their translation in UniLex IDS via the press of a button. Subscribers to UniLex IDS don´t need IT infrastructure of their own for this. Enterprises wanting to keep all data in their own network can host UniLex IDS in their own network.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Illustrations with Acolada´s Callout Editor: The Callout Editor is a drawing software developed by Acolada that has features for technical authors or subject matter experts. Users can annotate images in Sirius CMS with captions, symbols, arrows and geometrical shapes. The advantages of Acolada´s Callout Editor are: 1) Captions can be submitted to Sirius CMS´ variant and translation management. 2) Users of Sirius CMS needn´t always have additional drawing like Adobe Illustrator 3) Acolada´s Callout Editor is easy to learn.

Acolada for language professionals

Are you interested in high quality dictionaries?
Then visit us at our booth and let us show you new entries of Acolada´s UniLex brand of professional dictionaries.
Dietl/Lorenz , RailLexik from UIC and Becher Dictionary of Legal, Commercial and Political Terms have been published in a new edition.
Newly published dictionaries:

  • Muret-Sanders Encyclopaedic Dictionary from Langenscheidt

  • Machinery and Plant Engineering from Langenscheidt

  • Engineering and Applied Sciences from Langenscheidt

  • The Complete Technical Dictionary in three different languages from Hoepli

Acolada in action

Visit Acolada at the following tekom events (events are in German):
Panel discussion „tekom-iiRDS in der Anwendung“ (IN34; in German)
(About using iiRDS. “iiRDS” means “Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard” and is an emerging standard for exchanging content and metadata between Content Delivery platforms)

  • When: Wednesday, 9th of November 2016, 11:15-13:00

  • Where: Plenum No. 2

Tool presentation „Professionelle Dokumente DITA-basiert ohne XML-Kenntnisse erstellen“ (in German)
(about writing professional documents based on DITA without XML knowledge)

  • When: Tuesday, 9th of November 2016, 14:45-15:30

  • Where: C10.2 (Upper floor)

Party time!

You have a penchant for rustic beer from southern Germany? Then party with us on Wednesday, 9th of November, at 17:00 at our booth.