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Visit us in Berlin

Acolada exhibits at the tekom spring conference on April 14/15, 2016 together with beo at stand F 07

The tekom spring conference 2016 takes place in Berlin this year.

Acolada will attend the conference as usual and will showcase the following innovations:

  • Cobrili, a flexible and simple-to-use help system
  • SIMQIN 4.0 and a flexible standard configuration for creating technical documentation
  • Velingua: Terminological tools for end users, language professionals and software integrators
  • A Velingua tool for term extraction

We would be happy to receive you at our booth!

Aprlil 14th to 15th

Booth F 07

Hotel Estrel Berlin, Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin

Registration and appointments via: info@acolada.de


Cobrili is a new HTML5 based help system from Acolada. With Cobrili, users can easily navigate even in great amounts of content, e.g. help systems containing information for multiple products or releases and in multiple languages at the same time.

Cobrili offers a rich API for integrating it into your software products. Cobrili is already fully integrated into Sirius CMS and the new standard configuration for creating technical documentation.

Special highlight for issuers of help content: looks and user experience are extensively configurable. On request, customer specific XML source formats and integrations are possible.

SIMQIN 4.0 and its flexible standard configuration for creating technical documentation

SIMQIN is the graphical XML editor from Acolada. SIMQIN is now delivered with a powerful and ease-to-use standard configuration for creating technical documentation. This standard configuration is based on DITA, so users automatically create topic-based content. Out of the box, users can create content, define deliverables and publish their deliverable as PDF with Adobe InDesign, as HTML for Cobrili or as HTML help (CHM).

Professional users have all necessary features at their disposal, such as variables, variant handling, procedures and hazard statements compliant with ISO/ANSI.

Special highlight: even extensive customizations are possible without any additional DITA specialization. All content can also be delivered as DITA 1.3. without specialization.

Velingua and term extraction

Velingua is a collection of terminological tools for end users, language professionals and software integrators. Following up on a tool for monolingual terminology checking, Acolada unveils the second Velingua tool, a tool for terminology extraction: This new tool extracts term-candidates from all important data formats using statistical and linguistic methods. Because of this, Velingua not only detects term-candidates made up of single or multiple words, but also grammar patterns and grammar or hyphenation variants.

Special highlight: all Velingua tools can be integrated into existing infrastructure or in existing software products.