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Cancellation policy

Right of revocation: You have the right to withdraw from your binding offer without stating a reason within two weeks by written notice (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail), or – if the item has already been delivered before this period has expired – by returning the item. The period begins upon the receipt of this cancellation policy in writing, but not before the goods have been delivered to the consignee (in the event of recurring deliveries of similar goods: not before the first partial delivery has been received) and also not before we have fulfilled our duties to furnish information pursuant to Section 312c, para. 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB) in conjunction with Section1, paras 1, 2 and 4 of the Information Duties set out therein (BGB-Info V) as well as our duties pursuant to Section 312e, para 1, clause 1 BGB.

The notice of withdrawal must be sent to:

Acolada GmbH
Wallensteinstr. 61-63
D - 90431 Nuremberg, Germany

Tel: +49 - (0)911 - 37 66 75 0
Fax: +49 - (0)911 - 37 66 75 29
E-mail: info@acolada.de

Consequences of withdrawal: In the event of an effective withdrawal, any deliveries or services received by either party must be returned and, where applicable, any benefits received (e.g. interest) must be surrendered. If you are unable or only partly able to return the product/service received or are only able to return it in a deteriorated condition, you must pay us compensation accordingly. When returning items, this shall not apply if the deterioration of said items is exclusively attributable to their examination – as would have been possible for you, were you to have been in a shop. Furthermore, you may avoid any duty to pay compensation for any deterioration caused by the utilisation of the item as intended by not using the item as your own property and by refraining from doing anything that could impair its value. Items suitable for delivery by parcel post should be returned to us at our risk. You must bear the cost of returning the item if the delivered goods correspond to those ordered and if the cost of the item to be returned does not exceed 40 euros. Otherwise, the return shipping costs shall be borne by us. Items, which are not suitable for delivery by parcel post will be collected. Obligations to refund payments must be met within 30 days. This period shall commence for you on the date your send your written notice of withdrawal or return the item, and for us upon receipt of the withdrawal notice/item.

End of the cancellation policy.