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Sirius DITA

Sirius DITA

Sirius DITA is the XML content management system from Acolada that fully integrates the DITA standard. The simple handling makes Sirius DITA equally suitable for beginners and experienced users in the documentation with DITA and XML. Sirius DITA brings together in one application the technology of the Sirius CMS XML system with the DITA standard. Sirius DITA thus is the economical way to fully explore the modular and multilingual documentation with DITA.


DITA (short form of: Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a new standard in the technical documentation. DITA has emerged in the late 90ies from IBM. Since 2004 DITA is continued by OASIS Open as an open source technology. Since 2005 DITA is an ISO standard.

Managing and Publishing DITA

Sirius DITA makes it possible to use the potentials of the DITA standard fully. Sirius DITA function overview:

  • DITA Templates, to easily create new DITA modules
  • Organization and management of your DITA modules including version management and rights management
  • Compilation of DITA modules to publications (DITA maps), simply via Drag& Drop operation
  • Recording of re-use of DITA modules and of all assets (graphics, audio, video) used
  • Choose your preferred editor, e.g. PTC Arbortext Editor, XMetaL or Adobe FrameMaker
  • Cross-media publishing. Prepared output formats are PDF, HTML and Online-Help
  • Management of multilingual DITA modules and integration with Sirius Translation Management
  • Free definition of modularization and the level of re-use
  • Native XML management which allows DITA specialization

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