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UIC: RailLexic Subscription

Subscribe to UIC: RailLexic 5.0. For a number of years already the RailLexic terminology of the UIC is appreciated as a reliable source by translators and interpreters alike. The fifth edition 2016 of RailLexic, the terminology of the International Union of Railways, is now published in 22 languages!
57,52 € *
Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry & Technology (Subscription)


This bilingual technical dictionary is the most comprehensive technical dictionary ever compiled for the language combinations Dutch-English and English-Dutch, containing more than 210,000 different entries (concepts) for EN-NE/NE-EN and well over 435,000 EN-NE terms.
54,17 € *
Pinkhof Geneeskundig woordenboek (Dutch) Subscription

Subscribe to the Pinkhof Geneeskundig woordenboek with 54,000 terms.

20,00 € *
Intersentia: Le Docte Subscription

Dutch, French, German, English

The new version of the quadrilingual legal dictionary Le Docte features more specific legal content and a far more comprehensive approach. Alongside the translations, additional information is provided to allocate the legal terms to their respective area of law or the national legal system.
50,00 € *