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UIC: RailLexic Subscription

Subscribe to UIC: RailLexic 5.0. For a number of years already the RailLexic terminology of the UIC is appreciated as a reliable source by translators and interpreters alike. The fifth edition 2016 of RailLexic, the terminology of the International Union of Railways, is now published in 22 languages!
64,71 € *
Oxford-Hachette: French-English Subscription

The Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary: French-English/English-French offers more than 360,000 words and 550,000 translations and explores idiomatic variations in meaning. Acclaimed by language professionals the world over, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary leads the field. The dictionary is based on the statistical evidence of vast electronic databanks of real language, both written and spoken, making it the most comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date dictionary of French and English available today. And now, it has even better coverage of the language, with improved treatment of acronyms and EU terminology, as well as thousands of new words in both English and French.
22,31 € *
Intersentia: Le Docte Subscription

Dutch, French, German, English

The new version of the quadrilingual legal dictionary Le Docte features more specific legal content and a far more comprehensive approach. Alongside the translations, additional information is provided to allocate the legal terms to their respective area of law or the national legal system.
56,25 € *
Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology (English-French) Subscription

Subscribe to the Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology (English-French / French-English). The dictionary is the industry standard, and is the comprehensive reference for technical translators. For the first time, both language directions are now available on CD-ROM, having been completely revised and containing over 415,000 entries in total.
36,56 € *