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UIC: RailLexic Subscription

Subscribe to UIC: RailLexic 5.0. For a number of years already the RailLexic terminology of the UIC is appreciated as a reliable source by translators and interpreters alike. The fifth edition 2016 of RailLexic, the terminology of the International Union of Railways, is now published in 22 languages!
57,52 € *
Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary (German-Portuguese) Subscription

The Langenscheidt Portuguese Pocket Dictionary is suitable for German and Portuguese-speaking readers at work, at school and for everyday use. The dictionary also features comprehensive coverage of Brazilian linguistic usage and features interesting info boxes regarding vocabulary and regional studies.
8,33 € *
Jayme/Neuss: Dictionary of Law and Finance (German-Portuguese) Subscription

C.H. Beck Verlag

This dictionary contains terms and usages from all areas of law and finance. The terms are identified by their origin and explained in detail, and attention is paid to special aspects of the Brazilian and Portuguese legal systems.
24,83 € *
Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology (German-Portuguese) Subscription

Subscribe to the Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology (German-Portuguese / Portuguese-German). With more than 130,000 entries, the Ernst is the comprehensive reference for technical translators.
25,83 € *