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Enterprise Content Management System

Whoever deals with publishing today will come accross the notion of XML and in the following also of CMS. As a media neutral markup language, XML is the basis for cross media publishing. An XML based data pool is an asset; but the true benefits of XML can only be achieved with a professional content management system like Sirius CMS.

With a professional CMS you do not only organize your files like in a file system; the CMS makes all contents - every piece of information inside your documents - searchable, editable and reusable for you. A content management system also keeps track of the life cycle of your documents: changes, re-uses, references to related documents and additional information. You thus create a media neutral data pool. For this data pool, Sirius CMS does not only provide an intelligent management system with a transparent organization of your data but also a number of tools to be able to use the full benefits of XML based publishing.

Where does Sirius CMS originate from?

The source of Acolada´s Sirius CMS solutions are the requirements of publishers: highly structured data in SGML as well as in XML with editing, management and publishing streamlined in one process chain. Today, Sirius CMS is sheer experience in content management with intelligent and smart solutions for your publication management.

What makes Sirius CMS different?

Recycling or re-use of informationen is the heart of content management processes. Sirius CMS provides the flexibility for a neatless production process. Here, Sirius CMS shows its full potential:

  • with easy and transparent mechanisms to ensure re-use and automate your production process
  • Maintenance of logical links between a source document and all of its applications
  • Immediate update of all referenced documents when a piece of information has been changed.

In Sirius CMS every section, every logical unit of a document can be re-used for new publications. Such units might be individual products of a catalogue, an introductory chapter of a documentation or a warning notice which occurs a number of times within the same document.

With Sirius publication management, you may create new publications from one data pool - just with drag&drop operations.

Sirius publication management creates versions and variants of your publishing objects:

  • Versions are directly linked to Sirius version management so that every change in your data pool will automatically update all related document.
  • Variants develop into a new, independent object from one source object. You can thus built totally new product ranges from one common basis.