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Sirius CMS - SGML/XML - Content Management System

SGML and XML solutions

To supply information fast (in time) and target-driven is a task of today´s information management. Sirius CMS is an XML Enterprise content management and XML editorial system which provides you the crucial lead in the race of the information.

With the Sirius CMS editorial system are you able to control contents and processes so as to react quickly and flexibly on new requirements. Information management in Sirius CMS makes it possible to shorten creation processes and to conquer new languages and new markets.

From information to management systems

Sirius CMS is the medium-neutral platform for your publication processes: Sirius CMS native XML management, it is open for new tasks and your extensions. In an editorial system like Sirius CMS we bring together the latest technologies and the users who drive it in order to connect productivity, ergonomics and innovation.

Sirius CMS is suited for all environments where companies and users are shaping the change of information delivery. You will find Sirius CMS solutions in the multilingual technical documentation with the production of manuals, instruction guides, software documentations and technical information, but also in publishing house with their publications. Here the Sirius CMS editorial system will support the whole document life-cycle from creation, administration and publishing to archiving of magazines, dictionaries, school books or loose leafs. In the field of product information management (PIM) the primary goal lies in the multilingual catalogue management and cross media publishing.

Media and Cross Media Publication

Sirius content management today means: maintain XML content in its native format in a database driven system and provide cross media publishing to all required target formats (HTML, PDF, etc.). In Sirius CMS you will find united all of these qualities. Sirius CMS is the sum of our vast experience in technologies and publishing.

What Sirius CMS represents today:

  • Sirius CMS is editorial system, is document management and content management system in one application.
  • Sirius CMS supports both XML and SGML based publishing.
  • Sirius CMS supports multiple media management (asset management for pictures, sounds and videos) and output.
  • In Sirius CMS you equally manage Word, pdf and office format documents.
  • Sirius CMS supports you in the creation and provision of training material whether it be as text output or PowerPoint presentation.
  • Sirius CMS integrates Adobe Indesign into your editorial workflows.
  • Sirius CMS publishes contents also in your Internet/Intranet portal application or in Wiki formats.

What do single source and cross media publishing mean?

Single Sourcing means: there is only one data source from which all output media will be produced. The actual production process for all the different media is called cross media publishing. The same source data (SGML or XML data) is not only used for online publishing but is equally transformed to generate print, CD-ROM and other media. With cross media publishing you realize savings through automated production processes and multiple usage of your data.

What´s the role of SGML and XML?

XML (eXtended Markup Language) and SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) are languages to describe contents of documents. Both XML and SGML enable a markup of contents regardless of the presentation (layout). Data which have been described in such a way are called media neutral since specific media presentations (e.g. a print layout or an internet publication) can be generated in a second step. For more information about XML and SGML go to W3C.org.

When is it worth working with XML?

Four criteria which favour the use of XML:

  • Constant updating of your information.
  • Contents are used in different media and publications, e.g. parts of documents in further publications or documents or parts thereof in content syndication in a number of online portals.
  • The information is required in a number of languages.
  • Different media presentations are produced from the same content (print, CD, online).

The more of the above criteria apply to your data, the greater the benefit that can be achieved using XML or SGML.

Sirius CMS

The Content Management System from Acolada which equally supports SGML and XML. Sirius CMS is the professional cross media solution for single source publishing with a broad range of applications. Its industry specific modules enable individual setup as publishing and production system, XML catalogue system and management system for the multilingual technical documentation.

For more information about Sirius CMS Server, you may download our product information or contact us via our contact form.