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UIC: RailLexic Subscription

Subscribe to UIC: RailLexic 5.0. For a number of years already the RailLexic terminology of the UIC is appreciated as a reliable source by translators and interpreters alike. The fifth edition 2016 of RailLexic, the terminology of the International Union of Railways, is now published in 22 languages!
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Fernández-Nespral, Sundmacher: Dictionary on Banking Supervision/Basel III Subscription

The entries in this trilingual dictionary (German, English, Spanish) contain information on the source language term in the form of definitions and/or explications, contextual examples in the source language, any necessary notes on either the source language or the target language, notes comparing language and culture, and cross-references.
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Ernst: Dictionary of Industrial Technology (English-Spanish) Subscription

Subscribe to the Ernst Dictionary of Industrial Technology. It includes the latest edition from 2007 and both translation directions. Today there are so many technical translation dictionaries on the market that only the ones which habe proven themselves in practical use have a chance of succeeding. The dictionaries in the Ernst series have been standard works for decades.
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