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UniTerm Enterprise

Single Source Terminologie Management

UniTerm Enterprise is the first of a new generation of enterprise terminology management systems. Following the single source principle, UniTerm Enterprise thoroughly supports the process of creating, managing and distributing your corporate terminology.

What is single source terminology management?

Single source terminology management is based on the same concept that is already successfully used in multi-lingual technical documentation: content is updated once and published repeatedly from one data source. Applied to terminology management, the single source principle means not just asking the question: "Who uses the terminology?" but also "Where does the terminology come from?"

How does single source terminology management work?

Terminology is maintained in a central terminology database. UniTerm Enterprise does not just make terms available to all users for terminology searching purposes, it also makes them available to all applications that use terminology e.g. translation emory systems. Single source terminology management also pursues the goal of linking to content management systems so that terminology is directly integrated into the document creation process.

What is the difference compared with current terminology management systems?

Until now, terminology management has only been partly integrated into the cycle of development, production and documentation. But terminology is produced at a very wide range of locations within a company: in research and development, in the design department, in documentation and in translations. UniTerm Enterprise ensures access to and usage of terminologies, i.e. terminology work right from the beginning.

What are the benefits using UniTerm Enterprise?

Single source terminology management does not just have great potential for providing time, cost and quality benefits. It also contributes to more transparency and brings all of the areas of a company where terminology is created and used closer together in terms of content management. UniTerm Enterprise helps you to realise these goals. To achieve this, UniTerm Enterprise offers you unrivalled functionality for transparent workflows and thourough quality assurance:

  • Rights and user management system to clearly define rights and roles of users in your terminology database
  • Entry locking to make sure entries cannot be edited in parallel
  • Version management to record, review, compare every version of an entry and backtrack to a previous version whenever necessary
  • Workflow management to organize your editing, reviewing and publishing processes
  • Asset management to integrate your multimedia elements into the database and process them from there

More information?

Product information UniTerm Enterprise - in PDF format (210 KB)