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UniLex IDS

Die Wörterbuch Online-Plattform

UniLex IDS - the UniLex Intranet and online Dictionary system - is the consequent further development of the UniLex dictionary browser. Originally developed as terminology and dictionary viewer in an intranet, UniLex IDS today is equally used in intranet and on-line application.

With UniLex IDS the whole staff of an enterprise can access the dictionaries of the UniLex series, simply via their web browser and without any client software installation.

If you would like to test UniLex IDS and the dictionaries of the UniLex series, we are glad to provide a free on-line test account. Contact us for details of your UniLex IDS account: unilex@acolada.de.

Overview of UniLex IDS advantages

  • Safe access via user login or IP-authentication
  • Access control for individual dictionaries
  • Search all dictionaries with a single mouse click
  • Clear representation and alphabetical sorting of search results
  • With UniTerm we provide the extension to integrate your Corporate language
  • No installation on client workstations: a web browser is sufficient for the access

System requirements

  • Server: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012. Linux is available on demand
  • UniLex IDS can be executed in all standard web browsers. UniLex IDS is released for Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher) and for Mozilla Firefox
  • JavaScript