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Can I install UniLex dictionaries on Windows Vista?

All dictionaries produced from year 2000 onwards can be installed on PCs running Windows Vista. However, Windows Vista requires to insall a software update after having installed your dictionary/dictionaries from CD-ROM.

This software update is required due to new safety guidelines on Windows Vista PCs. The UniLex software update will move all files that require read and write access (license files and personal dictionaries) to a different folder. After having installed this update, your UniLex application will also run on Windows Vista.

Please download your UniLex software update for the UniLex version(s) you use:

Please download the software update version first, then run the executable file to start the software installation which will update your UniLex software.

Important: if all of the dictionaries you are using have been published prior August 2003 (i.e. none of your dictionaries has a serial number for activation), please download and install first a full version of Acolada UniLex. Afterwards install the update version for the UniLex version you use (Brandstetter UniLex, BECKLex or others).