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...for professional terminology management

UniTerm - terminology management for successful globalization strategies.

Terminology work today an important factor in the communication of companies. Global acting requires a basic understanding of processes, principles, concepts and terms. For this reason terminology work today is an indispensable contribution to your globalization strategy.

Corporate Language and Knowledge Transfer

The UniTerm Terminology Management System has been designed to create, to edit and to manage professionally corporate terminologies and special language dictionaries. Developed on the requirements of today´s dictionary systems and of translation tool´s terminology management systems, UniTerm offers a unique set of funcionalities.

A corporate terminology, as a company-wide standard can only be created if a language has been developed and all employees have access to it at all times.

With its elaborate editing support and a set of special function, UniTerm supports you in all phases of your work. Also, UniTerm has been set up following the new standards of re-usage of data. UniTerm does not only contain editing but also the publishing tools to make the information available in different media to all users.

The duo UniTerm - UniLex not only provides a technical framework, it also offers you a wealth of knowledge in one of the most comprehensive cross-publisher dictionary editions which can be used together with your corporate terminology. Create your own standardised corporate language in UniTerm using the UniLex dictionary retrieval system.

With UniTerm Pro and UniTerm Enterprise Acolada offers two software solutions for the creation, management and dissemination of corporate languages. Where do UniTerm Pro and UniTerm Enterprise differ?

UniTerm Pro and UniTerm Enterprise

UniTerm Enterprise

  • Client-Server system
  • Windows and web Client
  • Special functionality to support team working: entry locking, version management and comparison of entry versions
  • Workflow management
  • Asset management

UniTerm Pro

  • Single user system
  • Windows Client
  • Link management (incl. link control)
  • Doubles detection
  • Spell checking
  • Intelligent split-/merge functionality for shared terminology work

More information?

Product sheet UniTerm Enterprise PDF (210 KB)

Product sheet UniTerm Pro PDF 225kB (only available in German).