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Since 1996 UniLex has become a standard for interpreter, translator and for all those working in a professional environment and having to look up terms and translations in a number of dictionaries within seconds. For these users UniLex offers a multitude of search functions, an integration with Microsoft Word and the possibility to combine user dictionaries with the full range of dictionaries available in the UniLex series.

Creating user dictionaries

With UniLex you cannot only browse dictionaries but also create and manage your own user dictionaries. With UniLex editor, can edit your own dictionaries and terminologies which can then be searched simultaneously with all standard dictionaries of the UniLex series.

Do you need more functionality for your terminology management? Then decide for UniTerm, the professional terminology management systems from Acolada. UniTerm is connected with UniLex so that terminology data can be used directly in UniLex.

Network versions

You may use UniLex also in a network environement. All dictionaries of the UniLex series can acquired both as single user versions as well as network versions. The licensing is on concurrent user accesses. The UniLex software takes care that only the registered number of users will access the respective dictionary at a time.

The UniLex series

Please follow this link to get an overview of all available dictionaries in the UniLex series (PDF).


Die aktuelle Version der UniLex-Software stellen wir (ohne Wörterbücher) immer kostenlos zum Download zur Verfügung.