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Acolada´s and Euchner´s partner presentation about PIM

At the annual tekom trade fair in Stuttgart, Acolada GmbH and Euchner GmbH & Co. KG gave a partner presentation about why rich product information is better than mere shallow product data!

Sirius CMS can manage and publish technical product information. The latest feature is that product information (PIM) cannot only be managed and published but also be used as technical data in manuals, data sheets and catalogs. This is done by the same methods of reuse as for modules of manuals. Sirius´s PIM component offers an interface for editing the necessary data that is similar to and as simple as MS Excel. With the interface, users can change fields in one record or in many records of data in one go. In addition to that, users can rely on automatic versioning and release workflows.

Euchner GmbH & Co. KG uses Sirius CMS to maintain product information for over 6000 articles. Every article has on average 100 items of metadata in up to 5 languages. In total, every article could have up to 1000 items of metadata. All these metadata are enriched by adding marketing texts, product images and dimensional drawings. At the push of a button, the product information gets published as a web portal that also contains the article´s marketing and documentation information.

You can browse through the product portal here (in German). Everything you see gets managed and published by Sirius CMS.

The slides for Acolada´s and Euchner´s partner presentation and a description of Sirius CMS´s PIM component can be found on Slideshare (in German).