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Acolada now officially listed as CMS integrator at Adobe

Official link: www.adobe.com

Sirius CMS, Acoladas Content Management solution for XML has been usable from inside FrameMaker for a long time. FrameMaker users can edit and publish XML as usual and access the full feature set of FrameMaker and Sirius CMS. Additionally, users can insert images from Sirius CMS´ own image database, even in image file formats FrameMaker does not normally support (e.g. PowerPoint slides as images).

The integration of FrameMaker into Sirius CMS is especially valuable for users who have to work with content in several languages: For every edit or publication process, Sirius CMS always chooses content and images of the correct language variant and offers solid features to find untranslated content and package it for translation.

Administrators can decide whether authors shall work in FrameMakers traditional WYSIWYG view or in Autor View or in the XML source.

On request, Acolada develops extensions for custom FrameMaker features (plugins).

If you like to see the FrameMaker´s intregration into Sirius CMS live, you can...

  1. visit us at the tekom trade fair: November 11th to 13th, 2104, Hall C2, booth B04, Messe Stuttgart, Internationales Congresscenter Stuttgart ICS, Messeplaza 1, 70629 Stuttgart

  2. or call us on the phone +49 911 / 376675-0 or send us email info@acolada.de

  3. or watch Acoladas demo (in German) as an episode of the "Adobe Online Show für Technische Kommunikation" on www.youtube.com (film in German)