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About Acolada

Acolada GmbH set itself to the goal to optimize the multilingual communication with products and innovative solutions. Since the establishment in the year 2001 Acolada makes innovative solutions available for XML content management, terminology management and multilingualism. Our vision is to provide solutions that grow organically with your needs and that enable new ideas and new products for our customers. To reach this goal, Acolada has developed Sirius CMS. Sirius CMS is innovative and open content management architecture, which - like no other platform available today - makes it possible to create new and automated processes.

With UniTerm and UniLex two further products have been developed to enable professional terminology management and multilingual dictionary and terminology publishing. Today UniLex became the synonym for the dictionary conteents published in this electronic dictionary series. The UniLex series unites today renowned dictionaries from prominent publishing houses, which can be united all in one user surface.

Acolada GmbH has been founded through a management buy-out from former ALPNET Technology GmbH. Behind Acolada a team of high-motivated specialists with more than 15 years business experience in data base development, SGML and XML Publishing and in handling multilingualism and translation tools.

Our services cover consultation in the field of multilingual as well as structured data management, multimedia publishing, software application development and project management.